About Us

We are a Small Innovative business, situated in Port Macquarie, who specialises in the Identification, removal and treatment of Allergenic particles trapped within Carpet, Upholstery, and Mattresses, also delivering a range of Specialty Services

Our Service

Our business exists to meet the community’s need for an effective and efficient method to safely and hygienically extract aller-gen causing substances such as, household dust and the dust mites they harbour, including eggs and droppings, fungal spores, Pollen, Chemicals, Bacteria, Mould, Pet and human hair, dead skin, and sand grit, greatly reducing their impact on Asthma and Eczema sufferers.

Our Speciality services include, Fire, Flood, & Smoke restoration, Sanitisation at forensic level, including Norovirus, blood ,faecal & urine contamination, Tile, Marble, and vinyl cleaning & resealing, as well as our own fibre guard for all fabric surfaces.